Customer Service & Experience

Great experiences are grown – they don’t come overnight.  Within the Gates Customer Support Team, we aim to support our customers with the best possible experience.  Our international team of multilingual specialists is available every working day to seamlessly connect and interact with as well as respond to customers across all markets. Each customer has a preferred advisor, but all of our specialists act as a team to ensure the continuity of the activities and the sharing of knowledge.  We act as the voice of the customer internally and as the voice of Gates externally.  In summary, we want to support our customers and our colleagues in an efficient, accurate, and friendly way.

Here are our working principles:

Customer Centric: The customer at the center of what we do, in service, speed, ease of doing business and specifications

Positive and Consistent Customer Experience: across all internal and external touch points

Center of Excellence: High-quality service with best-in-class professionalism and care

Maximize Total Customer Value: Creating positive customer experiences, with focus on customer intimacy and support to provide competitive advantage and maximize the total value of the customer

Process-Focused: Establish and manage evolving and cross-functional processes for customer connections across all teams

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As fluid power industries and technologies converge, Gates fluid power experts are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in our state-of-the-art research and development facilities at the Gates Customer Solutions Center.

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