By combining cutting-edge technology with comprehensive industry expertise, our calculators make your complex operational tasks and decisions simple. Calculate your potential cost savings, identify operational issues, and find Gates solutions to optimize performance and minimize downtime.

Gates Complete Serpentine Calculators

Shop owners, Technicians and Service Writers. Calculate your potential earnings when you install a Gates Serpentine Kit over individual accessory components.

Gates Complete Serpentine Calculators

Gates Feather Picker V-Belts Savings

See how much you’ll save with Gates Dubl-V feather picker belts.

Feather Picker Calculator

Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ Tension

Identify the correct tension for your premium Poly Chain GT Carbon belt.

PolyChain GT Carbon Tension Calculator

Belt Tension

Quickly determine the proper tension for manually tensioned belts.

Belt Tension Calculator

Crimper ROI

Calculate your savings and operational ROI when you use Gates hose assembly crimpers.

Crimper ROI Calculator


Our iLok™ couplings do more than just cut costs. Find out how much you’ll save with Gates.

iLok™ Calculator

Water Savings

Estimate how much Gates PosiClean® belts will reduce your water and resource costs.

Water Savings Calculator

Energy Savings

Gates energy efficient synchronous belts will improve your uptime, productivity, and profits.

Energy Savings Calculator


Find your potential savings with the Gates Quick-Lok™ Coupling calculator.

Quick-Lok™ Calculator

Air Flow Pressure

Diagnose your air flow pressure loss to mitigate operational inefficiencies.

AirFlow Pressure Calculator

Fluid Flow Pressure

Locate your fluid flow issues to eliminate downtime and improve your fluid operations.

Fluid Flow Pressure Calculator

PowerGrip® Tension

Determine proper PowerGrip belt center distance, tension force, and more.

PowerGrip Tension Calculator