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RPM® Timing Belts

No other belts protect your engine while delivering powerfully high performance like Gates Racing, Performance, Muscle (RPM) Timing Belts. Gates RPM Timing Belts are incredibly strong and extremely heat resistant, engineered to take on high speeds and rapid accelerations. Constructed of HNBR elastomeric composites, Gates RPM Timing Belts are as much as 300% stronger than stock belts and deliver up to three times the heat resistance. You can count on RPM to hold up to the rigors of high horsepower required for interference engines.

  • Superior construction provides up to three times the heat resistance, wear resistance, and performance.
  • Belt tooth jacket is reinforced with high-performance nylon material to minimize wear.
  • High-strength tensile cords withstand higher horsepower, for timing belts that can hold up with interference engines.
  • Specially formulated HSN rubber compound to improve strength and resist degradation due to contact with engine fluids.

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Part # Product # Description Number of Teeth Pitch (in) Pitch (mm)
T1040RB 85952040 T1040RB RACING TIMING BELT 141 .315 8
T104RB 85952104 T104RB RACING TIMING BELT 133 .375 9.5
T107RB 85952107 T107RB RACING TIMING BELT 117 .375 9.5
T112RB 85952112 T112RB RACING TIMING BELT 113 .375 10
T125RB 85952125 T125RB RACING TIMING BELT 178 .315 8
T131RB 85952131 T131RB RACING TIMING BELT 127 .324 8
T137RB 85952137 T137RB RACING TIMING BELT 151 .315 8
T142RB 85952142 T142RB RACING TIMING BELT 124 .375 9.5
T145RB 85952145 T145RB RACING TIMING BELT 107 .385 9.5
T152RB 85952152 T152RB RACING TIMING BELT 119 .375 10
1-10 of 52 Items